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Welcome to the world of Jewel Knights where warriors that protect the crown jewels of King Bathlen, battle against each other in a bid for supremacy to rule the lands. The player will lead a team of knights into battle against enemies in foreign lands to protect the King and gain vast riches that lie outside the borders of Millennia.

Jewel Knights is an NFT-based RPG game where characters and accessories play pivotal roles in strategy while breeding and trading of these amongst players builds liquidity. Ultimately, players can greatly expand their assets by investing time and reigning supreme amongst their counterparts.

MILLENNIA – where the world’s greatest jewel traders gather
Millennia is where anyone who dreams of becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams, comes to the city of jewel traders to chase those riches. The player plays as a jewel trader.

JEWEL KNIGHTS – the game of the jewel traders
Jewel Knights is a one-and-only game that everyone in Millennia plays as a past time to gain jewels and other riches. In Millennia, there are official tournaments and smaller events held all the time and the people play to also have fun.

JEWEL SPRITES – the deities bound to the jewels
Each gemstone of Jewel Knights has bound to it, a deity that acts as an avatar for the players in battle. Players own gemstones and the deities bound to them must obey their masters. They are also great mission companions and players will quickly build lasting relationships with their deities.



Each NFT character represents a Jewel Sprite and these character cards represent the various parameters of a character such as rarity, gemstone and character design. Each card is exquisitely crafted by professional artists and will have lasting artistic value apart from their in-game utility and efficacy.

Additionally, each genesis character will earn the right to have a secondary name that the player can customize and mint into the NFT. This provides a high level of liquidity for these characters on the secondary markets.



Accessories are NFT items that are rewarded through skillful gameplay. Accessories are also a critical piece for successful seasonal event rankings.

Through accessories, characters can gain advantages that their peers may not achieve without them. Accessories can be fused together to form new better accessories that may have the abilities of the parent accessories. Characters have a maximum of 3 unlockable skill slots and differing characters will have specific accessory types that can be fitted.



Two characters can breed to produce a new character. The new character will take on the traits of the parent characters such as appearance, parameters, and skills. Additionally, Skill Deities combine in the new characters (albeit at a weaker state) to build hybrid skill characters which will prove extremely useful in low party count missions and adventures where a variety of skills are necessary for victory.





ADAMUS is the multi-faceted native currency of Jewel Knights. In-game, ADAMUS will be used to purchase digital assets such as characters, accessories, raw gems, and gemstones in addition to recurring costs such as mission tickets and leveling up. In turn, ADAMUS will be rewarded for excellence of gameplay - mission completions and high leaderboard rankings. Players will need to thoughtfully balance their income of ADAMUS versus their use. ADAMUS will also be available for use in the in-game NFT marketplace.

In the real world, ADAMUS will ultimately allow owners of it to influence various service policies including economic and game balance.


Phase 1

Sept. 2022-Oct. 2022

Genesis Announcement

・Website open
・Teaser 1 Live
・Social Networking Open
・Whitepaper Live

Phase 2

Mar. 2023-May. 2023


・Genesis Gemstone NFT Sale
・Genesis Character Reveal

Phase 3

Jul. 2023-Sep. 2023

Launch Season 1

・Game Launch
・Genesis Characters Playable

Phase 4

Oct. 2023-Dec.2023

Season 2

・Season 2 Characters
・Season 2 Accessories
・Ranked Events
・Advanced Missions
・Accessory Fusion System


  • Takashi Murakoshi

    Chief Executive Officer

    Former CEO of Spike and M&A Leader for Sega Sammy, Murakoshi is a 20-year game industry veteran and instrumental to the development of the Japanese game industry at large. He continues to run and invest in global blockchain projects and companies out of Hong Kong and Japan.

  • Keiichi Yano

    Chief Creative Officer/Executive Producer

    Former CEO of iNiS and active CEO of Jumo, Yano is a 25-year game industry veteran with various music game titles, mobile action games and networked action games under his production expertise. He has spoken at industry events such as GDC and E3, and is considered one of the major forces behind the music game genre with hits such as Gitarooman, Elite Beat Agents, and Lips.

  • Nobukazu Itabashi

    Head of Studio/Producer

    A 25-year game industry veteran, producer and team leader of hit titles such as Nier Replicant and Gestalt, Driver -Parallel Lines-, and the Initial D series. With console, portable and smart device production experience, he consistently drives the quality of Liona titles from both a design and monetization perspective.

  • Tatsuya Masui

    Chief Financial Officer

    Former CFO of Gcrest where Masui spearheaded the IPO, Masui is a 15-year game industry veteran with finance experience is various industries such as care management and SaaS.



Developer Investor

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